Emergency Appointments

We reserve some GP and Nurse Practitioner appointments each day for emergency cases.

We define emergency cases as “a situation or occurrence that demands immediate action”.  An emergency situation or occurrence will have arisen within the last 24 to 48hrs.  On-going problems or chronic problems are not deemed as an emergency, unless the problem has worsened within the last 24 to 48 hours and requires immediate action.

Running out of pain medication or anti-depressant medication, does not merit an emergency appointment.  Patients are encouraged to make their next prescription appointment in good time to avoid running out of medication.

Unfortunately emergency appointments must be booked in sequential time order.  If a patient seeks immediate medical attention in the form of an emergency appointment, we expect the patient to attend the same morning or afternoon that the patient has contacted the Practice.

Reception staff have been instructed by the Practice to ask patients who request an emergency appointments for a brief description of the problem, this enables reception staff to appoint patients to the most appropriate health care professional, improving access to our services and avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Please remember, due to the very nature of an emergency surgery, sometimes delays can happen, you will be given an explanation for the cause for delay.


In order to reduce the risk to patients and staff, we are currently limiting footfall into the Practice because of COVID-19. We will be contacting anyone with a future appointment to offer assistance via the telephone.

We ask that patients do not come in to the Practice where possible. Prescriptions can be ordered via Patient Access or via the telephone for the time being.

From Monday the 23rd of March, any enquiries regarding COVID-19 can be directed to NHS 111.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued patience during these difficult times.